Red Heart Amazon Brand Store

Creating a branded shopping experience through the e-commerce giant

Amazon can be a challenging place for large vendors. Product pages do not allow for much opportunity to stand out from competitors or third-party sellers who are able to offer your exact product. When Amazon began offering multipage "stores" to vendors, I took on the responsibility of creating a Red Heart Yarns store from the planning phase to launch. 

I began this project by researching existing brand stores and learning about the very specific requirements provided by Amazon. I worked with the E-Commerce Manager to plan the site architecture and page layouts. Finally, I sourced the images and copy and created original graphics for all pages. 

Work completed at Coats Group plc.


The biggest challenge for this project was using the limited options for "tiles" that Amazon provides to create page layouts that are engaging and drive users to make purchases. Working with live comps allowed me to make quick changes and review functionality with internal stakeholders. 


We focused on creating pages that met two goals: providing inspirational and informative content for new customers and creating landing pages for advertisements on Amazon to convert customers viewing specific products.