Hi, I'm celi*.

Graphic Designer | Strategic Thinker | Insatiable Learner

I am an ambitious graphic designer based out of Charlotte, NC, with experience in print and digital design, brand management, social media marketing, website projects, and video production. Through my previous work in marketing, I realized my true passion for design. I took a leap to pursue it full-time and, now, I am grateful for every day that I get to spend creating. I am passionate about balancing functionality and beauty. I am also passionate about the oxford comma, podcasts, and lifelong learning. When I'm not busy creating (which is seriously most of the time), I am likely watching a movie or going for a hike. 

*Wondering how to pronounce that? It sounds like "see-lee".


Ambitious, but not ruthless

Cheeky, but not sardonic

Enthusiastic, but not manic

Practical, but not unimaginative

Introverted, but not reclusive